Our Story

Like most people, we too had corporate jobs that didn’t give us fulfillment or a smile on our faces at the end of the day. We did take a risk by leaving a highly comfortable, luxury filled life to move to the mountains to create a space where everyone could come to take a break.

Where an engineer could finish that pending novel; where an accountant could talk about numbers on his bucket list; where logical notions could meet dreamy aspirations; where humanity could meet reality again.

We promote healthy collaborations, we talk about sharing skills and working together, we encourage everyone who enters our home to make it theirs forever. We talk about a lot of things that can be done, and at the end give weight to those that have a purpose that benefits the majority fantastically.

Right from the brainstorming sessions over the cups of tea and coffee, over some quick light hearted jokes, to the ideas that actually got implemented, from midnight bonfire conversations to gaining survival skills when brakes fail on mountain tops, we unlearn every moment to learn a lot more.

One such beautiful collaboration, resulted in a successful creation of the venture that is E- Living.

This is what motivates us to do better, do more for the environment as well as the community.

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Rahul Kumar

The melting pot of ideas, one could write a highly vibrant novel on him, that everyone would rush to read. He wanted to create a space that he would like to be in, and over time found that people craved for the same. Always up for conversations, tea, and a long drive -- Rahul is the mind behind E-Living Project.

Manpreet Deswal

The ever smiling, silent guardian of E-Living, he is quite possibly everyone’s favorites. You’ll find him full of energy, always on his toes, hustling to ensure that no traveler goes back unhappy. Meet this ex- Chartered accountant, ex-pilot, who is the backbone of this venture.

Deepti Deswal

The girl who works day in and day out to make sure that everything works smoothly here, even when she is in a different time zone. Only a message/call away, she is a wonder woman who with her calm voice and gorgeous smile eases every stressful situation immediately. Deepti is the soul of E-living project.

Anisha Deswal

Anisha is the warmth of E-living project. With her presence around, the level of comfort increases exponentially, and you don’t feel like a stranger anymore. Our in-house baker, she is the force behind all the great food that end up making your heart happy.